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  • Guitar Tuner & Full BasicCord Guitar Tuner & Full BasicCord 8   Size:10.0M Guitar Tuner + Full Cord Pro Simple but very useful free application for ev... Free
  • Ukulele 101 - Next Steps Ukulele 101 - Next Steps 1   Size:3059.8M Following on the heels of our very successful "Getting Started" lessons com... Free
  • QuantiChord QuantiChord 9   Size:29.2M "QuantiChord" is a MIDI effect that generates chords from incoming notes an... Free
  • Orooga Orooga 1   Size:16.2M Each slider is an instrument. Pull on its head: Horizontally, to adjust th... Free
  • Christmas Ringtones 2018 Christmas Ringtones 2018 1   Size:18.6M Christmas Ringtones 2018 is the FASTEST & EASIEST WAY to set a wonderful Ch... Free
  • Afrobeatlive Afrobeatlive 0   Size:23.1M We promote African Entertainment including music, sports, lifestyle and mov... Free
  • Radio-D Radio-D 3   Size:31.0M I hade produced classical and light entertaintment music programs and other... Free
  • CAB Muzik Radio CAB Muzik Radio "Live" 9   Size:122.8M The best urban music for your Mind, Body and Soul.... Free
  • TRIK FM TRIK FM 3   Size:121.2M Mobile player for TRIK FM. A Bigger Variety Of Music from the 60's to Today... Free
  • Radio++ Radio++ 1   Size:17.7M There is no easier way to listen to your AM, FM and Online radio stations, ... Free
  • Wicks Looper Wicks Looper 11   Size:33.4M This iOS version of the Wicks Looper is a soft-synth reproduction of a hard... Free
  • Simple & Easy Piano Music Pro Simple & Easy Piano Music Pro 4   Size:40.9M Simplest piano app for learners with professional skills. This piano app is... Free
  • Choraline Choraline 2   Size:13.7M Handel Messiah Mozart Requiem Karl Jenkins' The Armed Man Carmina Burana... Free
  • The Wiggles The Wiggles 8   Size:142.5M A brand new way of telling stories and singing songs with interactive video... Free
  • Tap That Tempo Tap That Tempo 0   Size:5.0M Just tap along the beat of your favorite music to measure the BPM of the so... Free
  • EQ10 Equalizer EQ10 Equalizer 11   Size:4.2M EQ10 is an iTunes Music Player with EQ & FX The main features of EQ10 are.... Free
  • Sonos Automation Sonos Automation 4   Size:7.5M Sonos Automation lets you automate music playback on Sonos speakers using S... Free
  • A great music player A great music player 7   Size:40.1M Want to find new music from around the world? So I need this app! # Featu... Free
  • Attention Timer Attention Timer 11   Size:8.1M Every person has its individual attention span. The newly released app XX n... Free
  • Outta Bass Outta Bass 9   Size:32.7M No matter what style of music you write Outta Bass has something to offer y... Free
  • KB-1 MIDI Keyboard KB-1 MIDI Keyboard 6   Size:5.4M KB-1 MIDI Keyboard KB-1 is a an expressive virtual keyboard designed for a... Free
  • Brownside Brownside 11   Size:83.2M Get exclusive access to Brownside’s world with their official fan app. Ge... Free
  • MusicHarbor MusicHarbor 4   Size:8.7M Keeping up with the latest releases from your favorite artists has never be... Free
  • MSWalks MSWalks 6   Size:127.3M Mobile Sonic Walks proposes a deambulatory listening experience of musical ... Free
  • Songbird - Lyric Video Maker Songbird - Lyric Video Maker 9   Size:64.4M Songbird is a new type of app designed just for making lyric videos. Make ... Free
  • Orchestra - Tabla, Drums,Piano Orchestra - Tabla, Drums,Piano 4   Size:79.7M Best application for sound creator and musician! All the orchestra instrum... Free
  • Flex Metronome Flex Metronome 7   Size:15.9M Flex Metronome is a flexible and easy to use metronome app which enables yo... Free
  • Latvijas Radio - Latvian radio Latvijas Radio - Latvian radio 2   Size:15.4M Latvijas Radio gives you the best experience when it comes to listening to ... Free
  • The Sounds of Christmas The Sounds of Christmas 2   Size:384.7M Welcome to The Sounds of Christmas- Get your little kids into the holiday s... Free
  • CR-5k CR-5k 10   Size:13.3M Holding the simplicity of eighties instruments and carrying their raw herit... Free
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