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Baby Led Weaning Quick Recipes

Baby Led Weaning Quick Recipes

No time, no microwave, no problem! Healthy home-made meals for all the fami...

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Description of Baby Led Weaning Quick Recipes

No time, no microwave, no problem! Healthy home-made meals for all the family (including baby) in less than 20 minutes. Due to the high success rate of our “BLW guide and recipes” App we are happy to release this quick recipes App!

100 recipes, including main meals, snacks, sides, deserts and make ahead options, including vegan, vegetarian and refined sugar-free options. This free guide gives you smart hints and tips to keep nutrition and flavor in your meals but keeping preparation time to a minimum. The App also offers a simple up to date guide on essential food-safety as per World health organization (WHO) recommendations. This App makes your baby-led-weaning journey easier than ever especially for busy parents and care givers who wish to live healthily and for families who live in a microwave free home.

Gill Rapley, the health professional who brought Baby led weaning (BLW) back, often describes BLW as ‘baby eats what you eat'! However, we believe that in today's society this no longer stands true because every parent wants to introduce their baby to a healthy diet and unfortunately today, our diets are not so healthy! So let’s improve our own diet while introducing food to our baby’s diet, therefore ‘you eat what baby eats’.

Fast-food, unhealthy sugar and salt laden meals are within quick and easy reach for us and it is becoming increasingly difficult to monitor exactly what we are putting into our bodies! It is very difficult to understand how much salt and sugar we are eating, especially because there are hidden salts and sugars everywhere and aggressive marketing aimed towards children, busy families and low-income families make it even more challenging for parents to turn-down these unhealthy fast food options. Because of this, some major governments are put under pressure to introduce more stringent food labeling requirements and to force the food industry to lower salt and sugar in the food they produce. One of the most influential cardiologists in Britain, Dr Aseem Malhorta is leading the way at reducing sugar in shop bought food with the ‘Action on sugar’ campaign. World famous chefs such as ‘Jamie Oliver’ also support such initiatives. While the invaluable work of these world famous faces is much needed, more still needs to be done to see the necessary diet changes in our society. Our App aims to support such campaigns and to support you as a family to do your bit in becoming healthier and reducing your risk of major diseases such as cardiovascular disease and obesity.

We believe proactivity, rather than reactivity is the way to go forward especially when starting your baby on solids. There is no need to introduce unhealthy foods to your baby – they cannot miss what they never had!

Therefore we now envisage a turning point to BLW where you eat what baby eats' instead of ‘baby eats what you eat’, so not only providing healthy, nutritious food to ourselves but only incorporating healthy options in our baby’s diet!

By going back to basics and making fresh home-made food we can help alleviate our food and health concerns as this way we know exactly what we are putting into our baby’s body and our own bodies. Our Apps, help you to provide healthy meals and snacks and this App helps you to do that in a fast way where there are time constraints in a busy home, taking the pressure off families giving them healthy options that can be made FAST at home.
Let’s give your little one a healthy start to life and improve your eating habits too. These healthy low-salt and sugar-free recipes can be made FAST at home and without a microwave!

Our free guide also offers ideas to reducing preparation even more and therefore making meals faster than before! We are happy to help guide you to a healthier lifestyle and to introducing your BLW baby to only healthy meals!

By downloading, accessing or using this App, you agree to following terms and conditions:

What's New in Version Baby Led Weaning Quick Recipes 1.1

- Added Italian and German versions

Screenshots of Baby Led Weaning Quick Recipes

  • Baby Led Weaning Quick Recipes
  • Baby Led Weaning Quick Recipes
  • Baby Led Weaning Quick Recipes
  • Baby Led Weaning Quick Recipes
  • Baby Led Weaning Quick Recipes
  • Baby Led Weaning Quick Recipes
  • Baby Led Weaning Quick Recipes
  • Baby Led Weaning Quick Recipes
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Baby Led Weaning Quick Recipes
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