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Bamba Birthday Cake

Bamba Birthday Cake

What flavors do you like for your birthday cake - Vanilla, Chocolate or Str...

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Description of Bamba Birthday Cake

What flavors do you like for your birthday cake - Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry? How about a Sausage Cake covered in Radioactive Slime and topped with a fiery Volcano?

Create messy, crazy, sloppy stacks of cake! Kids can make the wackiest birthday cake imaginable with Bamba Birthday Cake!

Put together the silliest cake combinations, toppings and candles. There’s tons of ingredients to choose from; and much more to collect when they open their birthday presents!

When the birthday cake is complete, invite Bamba friends and then sing 'Happy Birthday' and celebrate with fanfare and fireworks!

• Lots of fun ingredients to choose from
• Plenty of candles and cake toppers to mix and match!
• Unwrap Gifts at the end of each game to get new stuff for the cake
• Catchy, awesome music
• Sing ‘Happy Birthday’
• Fantastic, beautiful artwork
• Save your favorite cakes with the screenshot feature
• Great for parent-child interaction
• Learn and play at the same time
• Kid-focused interface, language-free
• Great for kids 2+

"Here’s a chocolate, rainbow, potty cake for you, Daddy." – Jules, 4

- Bamba Wonderland: Visit the Bamba theme park and play with all the fun attractions! Lots of games to play and hundreds of items to craft. Tons of costumes, play tokens, yummy and icky food to try out on our Bamba friends!

- Bamba Space Station: Let’s have fun onboard the craziest space station! Visit interesting rooms, craft items, and play lots of games. Fly about in zero-g and remember to check out the aliens!

- Bamba Surprise: Kids learn new words through surprise eggs! Turn the dial and a mystery egg appears. Open the egg and add the new word to your collection!

- Bamba Airport: Kids pick the passengers and send them for a holiday! Kids roleplay air stewards, customs officers and more. Lots of hilarious fun!

- Bamba BBQ: Set the pit up, fire the briquettes and choose your food! Bamba BBQ gets kids role-playing a BBQ pitmaster! Lots of fun characters, ingredients and reactions!

- Bamba Craft: Choose a project, create a masterpiece and display it in a gallery for other kids to see. Bamba Craft gets kids painting and assembling collages in creative and fun ways! Projects and galleries are updated constantly!

- Bamba Toys: Kids build a toy from a blueprint, picking parts and accessories before assembling the toy and finally getting to play with it!

- Bamba Burger: Kids flip the patty, create their custom-made burger, fill their soda cup, slice the potatoes and make French fries. What's more, they get a mystery present with their meal!

- Bamba Post Office: Everyone loves presents! Choose, wrap and decorate presents for three funny characters. Deliver them to the jungle or to the moon!

- Bamba Ice-Cream: Create and eat fantastic ice-cream concoctions. Can you guess what the mystery topping is this time?

Bamba is a series of kids games by Mezmedia, a game studio that makes interactive toys for kids. We believe that interactive toys offer a new and exciting way to educate your child.

We make games that are designed to stimulate imagination and creativity through open-ended play.

Suitable for kids 2 years and above, great for solo play or parent-child play. Suitable for people in the autism spectrum.

Screenshots of Bamba Birthday Cake

  • Bamba Birthday Cake
  • Bamba Birthday Cake
  • Bamba Birthday Cake
  • Bamba Birthday Cake
  • Bamba Birthday Cake
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Bamba Birthday Cake
  • Devices:iPhone iPad
  • Category: Education
  • Size:234.9M
  • Updated:2018-05-15
  • Version:V1.0
  • OS Require:iOS 4.3 or higher
  • Download:Download

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