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CAMathories Goldilocks

CAMathories Goldilocks

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Extensive research has shown that young chi...

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Description of CAMathories Goldilocks

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Extensive research has shown that young children learn about mathematics best when they solve problems that attract their interest. Using well-loved tales, with familiar characters and settings as a starting point helps to give children confidence and ensures that they feel comfortable as they learn.

When these stories, and the games and puzzles embedded within them, are shared by children and their parents (or other caregivers), they will encourage children to talk about their ideas in mathematics. Such discussions are vitally important in enabling young children to acquire a firm grasp of basic mathematical processes.

Our mathstories are based on these principles, derived from sound research.

This first mathstory, designed for 3-5 year old children, tells the tale of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears. What will Goldilocks find when she goes into this cottage that she hasn’t seen before? What will Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear find when they return from their early morning walk?

This telling of this well-loved fairy tale involves young children in helping Goldilocks to enter 3 Bears Cottage, to eat some of their delicious breakfast, and to choose a nice comfy bed to have a lie down on afterwards. But if only she had read the sign over the door, she might have thought twice about entering a cottage when she didn’t know who lived there!

The maths games and puzzles involved in this little adventure involve the children in:
• knocking on the cottage door the right number of times to open it
• naming the shape of the door and counting its corners
• counting the number of chairs, bowls of porridge, pieces of toast and spoons in the bears’ kitchen
• naming the shapes of the toast and the bowls and counting their corners (including the idea of zero)
• comparing sizes and working out which chairs and beds are too big, too small and just right for goldilocks

General notes on the CAMathories website provide guidance for how to play the games with your children so that they have fun and learn some valuable maths skills. Each game in the story is also accompanied with the same notes for that game under these 3 headings:

This game helps your child to learn about
(explaining the maths behind the game)

Talk about
(suggesting maths language you can introduce when talking about the game)

More ways to help
(giving examples of playful ways of extending the learning)

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  • CAMathories Goldilocks
  • CAMathories Goldilocks
  • CAMathories Goldilocks
  • CAMathories Goldilocks
  • CAMathories Goldilocks
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CAMathories Goldilocks
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