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Caribbean Pirates Puzzle

Caribbean Pirates Puzzle

Somewhere in the Caribbean sea at 2nd July 1816... In a dark and stormy nig...

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Description of Caribbean Pirates Puzzle

Somewhere in the Caribbean sea at 2nd July 1816...
In a dark and stormy night Captain Sparrow the most overrated pirate in the Caribbean and his mob of bloodthirsty pirates pounded the frigate Meduse.
Finally after a long and hard fight, they boarded the Ship. Just very few of the crew survived the strike.
But on board there were no wealth at all. Just a little treasure-map was found in one of the passengers possession.
Unfortunately he was overhasty killed by the big fat and stupid pirate Blood-Svente before somebody could find out any details about the map.

Ultimately the frigate with the rest of the surviving crew was deadlocked at the Arguin-Sandbank and set on fire.
Captain Sparrow's ship the Black Earl and the mob of pirates sailed the Caribbean sea and followed the maps coordinates.
The island on the map looked very strange. It was nearly a round island in such a perfection nobody of the pirates had every seen before.
Just before they run out of water and just in time before the steersman wanted to start a mutiny, there was suddenly land in sight.
It was really the island which was marked in the map.

The pirates found a lot of chest treasure on the island and additional a young pirate girl which was probably left back here for some reason.
They captured her with the plan to get a good price on the slave-market.
But when they opened some of the treasure chests the cursed ghost pirate Darby McGraw appeared and took over the ship.
Also his evil kraken Chleomorpha surfaced in front of the ship and entangled the ship with his giant tentacles trying to pull it into the deep.

Fortunately Captain Sparrow could make a deal with Darby McGraw just offering him a lot of Rum.
If Sparrow can defeat Darby McGraw at a Poker game, her would get his Crew, the Treasure and the Ship, and also his senseless live back.
But if he would fail then his fate would be to swelter on the little Island without any smokeless tobacco.
Also he should suffer the most awful torments of Tantalus.

Puzzle game of the scary ghost story about Captain Sparrow and the the cursed ghost of Darby McGraw.
What are you waiting for ? The rum gets too warm, and the smokeless tobacco is low !
Good luck and have fun!

- Awesome Pirates Story
- 16 pictures tell the story of Sparrow and Darby McGraw.
- guaranteed free of Facebook or Twitter
- guaranteed free of in-game advertising

Screenshots of Caribbean Pirates Puzzle

  • Caribbean Pirates Puzzle
  • Caribbean Pirates Puzzle
  • Caribbean Pirates Puzzle
  • Caribbean Pirates Puzzle
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Caribbean Pirates Puzzle
  • Devices:iPhone iPad
  • Category: Games
  • Size:40.9M
  • Updated:2018-11-08
  • Version:V1.0.0
  • OS Require:iOS 4.3 or higher
  • Download:Download

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