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Comvo - Speak Your Mind

Comvo - Speak Your Mind

Comvo is the #1 social networking app for people who want to speak their mi...

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Description of Comvo - Speak Your Mind

Comvo is the #1 social networking app for people who want to speak their mind - speak freely and share your thoughts with the world using voice, video, images and text. Schedule posts, send voicemails, set expiry dates on your content and so much more. If you want your voice to be heard, Comvo is the social networking app for you!

- Share your thoughts & opinions using voice messages, images, video or text
- Comment on others’ posts with audio, image and text
- Send voice messages to other users without having to give your phone number
- Voicemail stores all voice messages so you can respond later
- Set expiry dates on your posts so they automatically delete after a period of time
- We promote free speech – we won’t censor any user for their political affiliation or views
- Trending on Comvo – easily view and listen to popular posts
- Featured posts – our editors hand pick the best and most interesting posts for you!
- Tag friends and locations in your posts
- Schedule your posts for later
- Coming soon – create your own chatrooms and Comvo groups!

We believe that free speech should be at the core of any social network. It’s our aim to build an active community of interesting individuals with a variety of different views and allow everybody to engage in healthy discussions and debates! We won’t censor you for your political views or affiliations – that isn’t how we do things.

Sometimes a written message just doesn’t cut it! Comvo gives you the option to post in a wide range of different formats, with voice messages, images, video or text. Whether you’re posting on your own wall, joining a debate or chatting to friends, Comvo gives you the freedom to be heard in your own way.

Schedule posts for later or set an expiry date on your content, sit back and watch as your post is automatically deleted!

Comvo lets you send audio messages directly to other users without disclosing your personal phone number – even when the other person isn’t online! Messages you send and receive will be stored in your own private voicemail folder where you can respond, delete and manage your voice messages.


What's New in Version Comvo - Speak Your Mind 2.9.6

-App Crash fix
-Fix character limits in comment
-Fix username restriction
-Improve image quality

Screenshots of Comvo - Speak Your Mind

  • Comvo - Speak Your Mind
  • Comvo - Speak Your Mind
  • Comvo - Speak Your Mind
  • Comvo - Speak Your Mind
  • Comvo - Speak Your Mind
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