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“Rogue Sword has created an excellent and addictive RPG … a classic tak...

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Description of Dungeoneers

“Rogue Sword has created an excellent and addictive RPG … a classic take on the dungeon crawling of tabletop RPGs.” — MMORPG, 11/29/2017

The village has a dragon problem.

You alone have the mettle to navigate the dungeon and reach the dragon lair. Prove your worth to the villagers by slaying dragons. You start each dungeon run with basic gear. XP is permanent.

Dungeoneers is a timeless dungeon crawler with old-school gameplay. We’ve been on the web for a while. With this iPad version, we’re testing the mobile waters.


- Elegantly Uncomplicated
- Deceptively Tactical
- Stubbornly Single-Player


- You’re fond of dice, hex grids, and turn-based combat.
- You’re willing to start each adventure with basic gear.
- You know what a gelatinous cube* is.


Play for free, all you want, with the Human Fighter. If you're feeling heroic, pay $5 to recruit the Elven Huntress and Dwarven Brawler into your roster of heroes.

Advanced players get the ability to undo a turn once per game. Doing that uses mana. Mana can be found in the dungeon and is also sold by the mana fairy, our low charisma shopkeeper. There are no timers, and the game is not pay-to-win.


Our legions of monsters (over 125, and counting) are modeled from real-world miniatures licensed from Reaper Miniatures!

Depending on how deep you go, you’ll encounter creatures like:

In the Caverns:

• Cavern Crawlers
• Crocodile Warriors
• Evil & Ugly Frogs
• Firebugs
• Hags
• Giant Beetles
• Monstrous Snakes
• Rats of Unusual Size
• Scorpions
• Big Hairy Spiders
• Swamp trolls
• Wereboars

In the Mines:

• Bugbears
• Cave trolls
• Dung Monsters
• Ettins
• Gas Spores
• Giants
• Gnolls
• Goblins
• Kobolds
• Lizardmen
• Minotaurs
• Mushroom Men
• Ogres
• Orcs
• Purple Worms
• Ropers

In Ruins:

• Gargoyles
• Ghosts
• Ghouls
• Lich Queens
• Mummies
• Reapers
• Skeletons
• Specters
• Wraiths
• Zombies

In the Dragon Lair:

• White dragons
• Black dragons
• Green dragons
• Blue dragons
• Red dragons

* We haven't added a gelatinous cube yet, but ohhhh do we want to!

What's New in Version Dungeoneers 1.2

Fixed a bug where some sounds would not play.

Screenshots of Dungeoneers

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