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Use our free app to bring up-to-date product related information to your in...

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Description of eIFU

Use our free app to bring up-to-date product related information to your internal teams as well as your customers; where, they can quickly search and access Instructions for Use (IFU), technical specifications, labels, drawings, manuals, guides, and all other product and business-related materials. and our mobile application unifies access to product related information, in a modern, and technologically efficient experience. Whether you're in the office, on the road, on an airplane, or checking in from your corner coffee house, our eIFU mobile app is your key to easily access any product information and to maximize your productivity – anytime, and everywhere.

eIFU ® is the world’s only end-to-end, e-Labeling and Content Management Platform for the organization, publication, and electronic distribution of technical documentation, Instructions for Use (IFU), and other product and business-related documents and materials – quickly, easily, efficiently, and securely. Offering a creative collaboration space designed to reduce busywork, bring your product information together for your customers, in one central place, and to securely offer information across all devices—so you and your customers can access them anytime, and everywhere. And reading or sharing documents is easy, with our eIFU cross platform reader and file sharing capabilities. You can also create personal collections for your favorite and key documents.

Key features:
• Search for product information by free hand text search
• Search by product code, lot code, GTIN, UDI, and more
• Scan barcodes to retrieve product information, precisely and quickly
• Search by taking a photo of your document, or product, to see details at your fingertips
• See related information and documents for your primary searches
• Visit your search history and retrieve information by simply tapping on records of your prior searches
• View, print, save to your device, and share documents by emailing links to your colleagues and our mobile apps are free to you and your customers, receiving 250 MB of storage, should they wish to register to have personal work space and to store their collections.

Publisher pricing varies based on storage and required capabilities. Various plans are available where you may customize your information and organize your documents by business structure, hierarchies, or product brands and families. is a fully self-service platform- you configure, and manage your own site. Our solution complies with FDA and international regulatory requirements for audit trails, secured access, and privacy.

We thank you for your business, hope you find our application useful, and look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions for future enhancements. For questions or comments, please contact us through the app, or email us at .

Please also visit, our full eIFU site, and also check for our other offerings, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Screenshots of eIFU

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