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SENSATIONAL taste of tapping, EXHILARATING actions, FINAL boss of the TAP g...

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Description of FINAL TAPTASY

SENSATIONAL taste of tapping, EXHILARATING actions, FINAL boss of the TAP games!! FINAL TAPTASY!!
The massive team fight between the mighty William and countless heroes is right here! Be fascinated by the powerful saga of killing countless monsters with continuous TAP. Neither the ever-increasing pack of monsters nor any powerful Demon can stand up in front of the massive team fight!

The destiny of all the braves, save the kidnapped princess!
Our princess will be kidnapped by the Demon when taking your eyes off from her!
Be part of the journey to save the princess, the destiny that must be accepted by all the brave minds of the world! Strong companions and the power of mysterious treasures will be together in your adventure.

The special charms of FINAL TAPTASY!
- SENSATIONAL taste of tapping : Feel your endless TAP to defeat the monsters.
- RETRO pixel art : Meet the fantasy world painted with beautiful pixel art in a sweat.
- TEAM FIGHTS : Three main heroes and countless additional companions to fight as a team.
- MASSIVE content : Enjoy the endless battles of underground dungeons, weapons & skills and treasures.
- INFINITE upgrade : Start even more powerful adventures with a variety of upgrades, treasure collections and reincarnation system.

The ultimate FINAL boss of the TAP games, FINAL TAPTASY, is equipped with beautiful pixel art, incredible perfection and massive content!

Enjoy the sensational taste of tapping right now!

Screenshots of FINAL TAPTASY

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  • Devices:iPhone iPad
  • Category: Games
  • Size:231.1M
  • Updated:2019-01-02
  • Version:V10.0.0
  • OS Require:iOS 4.3 or higher
  • Download:Download

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