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Idle Gravity

Idle Gravity

Drop... Drop... Bounce... Drop... Bounce... Bounce... Drop... Idle Gravity...

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Description of Idle Gravity


Idle Gravity is a game you can relax and play.

Make your rube goldberg gravity machine drop balls all the way down and optimize to unlock more levels!

Generate income by:
- Unlocking Spawners
- Upgrading Ball Value
- Decreasing Spawner Intervals
- Tapping Balls
- Getting Boosts
- Unlocking Levels
- Upgrading Levels
- Active Income
- Passive Income
- Upgrading for ball multiplier and double balls
- Themes
- Prestige

Let them fall down to the end to get the most revenue possible or tap them early to get a spike in income. Collect cash passively based on your income rate and double the revenue when you come back into the game!

There is no need to click or tap in this incremental game. Sometimes its fun to just watch the balls fall down!

Enjoy Playing!

Please send us a note at if you're having any issues with the game!

What's New in Version Idle Gravity 1.5.3

Thank you for playing! This is a quick update mainly for resolving bugs + optimizations that players have submitted. Thank you for everyone who submitted videos and screenshots to help us improve the game!

Please let us know if you experience any issues or have any feedback at!

Squashing Bugs:
Updated issue with passive income. You should now get awarded passive income when you're away from the app regardless of if you force close. Once you update, force close the app and it should now work as expected.
Swiping disabled during the intro which was causing new users to not earn currency
Fixed an issue which caused users to not be rewarded for completing a rewarded video some of the time
Fixed an issue with level rewards
Resolved a minor bug causing balls to re-load as the wrong color

Splatters should now take up less memory
Due to the issue with level rewards, rebalanced levels so that players earn more further into the game to accelerate late game progress. Levels now earn 4% per upgrade (instead of 1%), start slightly lower but end up at a higher rate with full upgrades.

New features:
Updated the game to store 3,000 balls instead of 1,000
Cost icons next to purchases
Updated intro

Screenshots of Idle Gravity

  • Idle Gravity
  • Idle Gravity
  • Idle Gravity
  • Idle Gravity
  • Idle Gravity
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Idle Gravity
  • Devices:iPhone iPad
  • Category: Games
  • Size:104.9M
  • Updated:2018-10-16
  • Version:V1.5.3
  • OS Require:iOS 4.3 or higher
  • Download:Download

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