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Idle Gravity

Idle Gravity

Relax and play Idle Zen! Make your rube goldberg gravity machine drop ball...

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Description of Idle Gravity

Relax and play Idle Zen!

Make your rube goldberg gravity machine drop balls all the way down and optimize. Unlock more levels to produce more!

Generate income by:
- Adding more ball producers
- Increasing production speed
- Revenue upgrades
- Tapping balls
- Optimizing boosts
- Upgrading & unlocking levels
- Upgrading levels
- Passive income

Feel like the game is slowing down? Prestige to reset and earn revenue at a faster rate!

Bored of the same look? Switch it up with 5+ themes

Let the balls fall down to the end to get the most revenue possible or tap them early to get a spike in income. Collect cash passively based on your income rate and double the revenue when you come back into the game!

There is no need to click or tap in this incremental game. Sometimes its fun to just watch the balls fall down!

Enjoy Playing!

Please email us at if you're having any issues with the game or would like to give us feedback!

What's New in Version Idle Gravity 3.0.5

Rebalanced progression (huge!)
- 5x More Tiers
- Reduced ball spawning times

UI Redesign
- Better readability
- More information
- Buy 1/5/10x

Cloud Save
- Facebook login to transfer devices
- Email for lost progress

Level Polish: Mix, Shuriken, Pie, Trap

- Sounds
- Tap size & duration
- Save scroll location

New Theme: Greyscale

Misc Bugs

/r/idlezen for notes!

Screenshots of Idle Gravity

  • Idle Gravity
  • Idle Gravity
  • Idle Gravity
  • Idle Gravity
  • Idle Gravity
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Idle Gravity
  • Devices:iPhone iPad
  • Category: Games
  • Size:99.3M
  • Updated:2019-03-04
  • Version:V3.0.5
  • OS Require:iOS 4.3 or higher
  • Download:Download

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