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iJump3 ( Track and Field )

iJump3 ( Track and Field )

TOOLS FOR BETTER JUMPS ∗ High Jump ∗ Long Jump ∗ Triple Jump ∗ ATH...

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Description of iJump3 ( Track and Field )

∗ High Jump ∗ Long Jump ∗ Triple Jump ∗
iJump3 – Save, view and track individual performance and achievement in High Jump, Long Jump & Triple Jump. Full of features and it’s Fun.

iJump3 is easy to use and navigate with tools for better jumps.
• Add, Save, Edit practice and meet jumps
• Personalize your jumps with details and notes
• Chart your performance and select for details
• Personal Best and Personal Record in real time
• Meter-to-Feet & Feet-to-Meter Converter
• Capture your jump moments and experiences
• Share images, performance, and screenshots
• Save and Share a complete jump file with coaches, scouts and trainers
• Fitness Tracker – add, track and edit your training
• Add Calendar events (meets, practice, training...) to your calendar
• and more…

Add and save practice or meet jumps. Choose your level of detail: jump height, jump length, approach and any notes when adding a jump. Later you can edit your jumps to add more details and notes too. Search, view, and edit all your jumps in one place.

Visually track your progress. See all your jumps in a Chart. Select an individual jump to see the details you entered. Use Search to view specific jumps and chart those jumps too!

iJump3 keeps track of your Personal Best ( PB - all time jump tracker ) and your Personal Record ( PR - meet and contest jump tracker ) for all three sports – High, Long and Triple Jump. Real time when you enter jumps and on the main view.

Meters or Feet ? iJump3 provides the conversions for you when you add jumps.
Have you ever tried to convert meters-to-feet or feet-to-meters quickly while at a meet or practice? iJump3 has a conversion tool for you in the app too.

Share or save jumps, achievements and performance. Capture moments and your jump experience. With a touch, iJump3 can capture screenshots of your jump results, performance and details along the way for you to share with friends, family, coaches and athletic scouts.

With iJump3 you can create a spreadsheet of all your jumps or just meet jumps. You can view, share and save them too! Great for Coaches and Scouts.

iJump3 makes managing your jump training easy by tracking your fitness. Add and save exercises. View and search all of your training in one place. You can edit your training entries to include your own details. iJump3 groups your routines into 4 category types : Core, Power, Cardio and Plan (essential, as jumping is technical). Keep track of what is working as you soar to new heights and lengths!

iJump3 is your High Jump, Long Jump and Triple Jump Performance, Fitness and Fun Tracker.
You’ll love it. We do!

Screenshots of iJump3 ( Track and Field )

  • iJump3 ( Track and Field )
  • iJump3 ( Track and Field )
  • iJump3 ( Track and Field )
  • iJump3 ( Track and Field )
  • iJump3 ( Track and Field )
  • iJump3 ( Track and Field )
  • iJump3 ( Track and Field )
  • iJump3 ( Track and Field )
  • iJump3 ( Track and Field )
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