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The original mobile life simulator! Release a platinum album at the age of...

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Description of InstLife

The original mobile life simulator!

Release a platinum album at the age of 17, or die of old age only having a few qualifications in school and not much else, the choice is yours.

Pass your driving test and die in a fatal accident a year later or become a famous musician and become restricted in what you can do. Will you go to university or give it a miss?

Meet different people each time you play, start a relationship. Will they be the one? Let them move in and live happily ever after. Or... Will they leave you?

Jobs, and companies, are generated and are different for each game. Jobs require different qualifications to get hired, make sure you work hard and get that promotion! Will the companies CEO step down and allow you to change the company for the better?

Find your perfect house! Can't afford it? Get a mortgage, make sure to keep your payments up...

Each year you live contains new experiences. The ultimate life simulation.

InstLife does not require an internet connection, and can be played offline.

What's New in Version InstLife 1.2.0

Artist: Partner: If you are not in a relationship you will paint an ex-partner
Birth: Added a chance to be born into poverty, plus more misc. notifications
Birth: Your character's natural potential is displayed at birth
Bug: Fixed being able to defect North Korea whilst in the military
Bug: Fixed being offered a new job in a different country when living in North Korea
Bug: Fixed cars, jobs, pets, and houses not appearing if they had the same name
Bug: Fixed children duplicating in the list when exiting Generation Mode screen and opening it again
Bug: Fixed country tags being displayed in place of country names when war is declared
Bug: Fixed custom characters not having 2050 as the maximum year
Bug: Fixed missing Events Log notification during storms
Bug: Fixed unfinished paintings being passed onto children
Career: Added the Business Owner career
Children: Added force grandchild, and get partner options
Citizenship: Added the ability to apply for citizenship (under country menu)
Countries: Added more names to China
Events: Added a new event path to hiking
Events: Added reasons to the pipe burst event
Events: An older sibling can defend you if you get bullied
Family: Added siblings
Family: Overhauled family menus to allow more options in the future
Grammar: Corrected grammar
Grandchildren: Increased chances of having grandchildren
Jobs: Added fashion designer normal job
Jobs: Added reasons to quitting job
Murder: Added new murder methods
Obituary: Added text to advise of a workaround when encountering the nobody glitch
Obituary: Obituary now states you died in the country you were touring as part of the military
Pets: Added 1 new event to walks
Pets: Added 2 new pet events
Pets: Added pet funerals
Pets: Added the ability to abandon pets
Pets: Lowered the chance of a frisbee hitting you on your walk
Pets: Made Name Pet input box have naming validation
Pets: Pet's nickname now appears in brackets when viewing your owned pets
Pets: Your pet now bites a specific body part when attacking your partner
Prisoner: Added 'Years Remaining' to Prisoner Dashboard
Prisoner: Appeal sentence button is disabled when sentence has less than 5 years remaining
Relationships: Added a chance for your partner to assault you during an argument
Relationships: Argument reasons can now be the reason for a breakup
Vehicles: Added SUVs
Wars: Wars only continue between lives in Generation Mode
World: Added 4 new weird world event

Screenshots of InstLife

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