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Into The Dark : Narakan

Into The Dark : Narakan

You awaken, lost inside an ominous forest, abound with fearsome creatures i...

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Description of Into The Dark : Narakan

You awaken, lost inside an ominous forest, abound with fearsome creatures intent on cracking your knight's plate armor open and feasting on your bloodied flesh. You brave the threatening black wood, searching for the radiantly-glowing child calling your name; wondering, too, how she knows your name. You didn't know it; not before she called it.

Find the Child.
Defy the Foe.
Escape the Forest.
Conquer Fear.

INTO THE DARK : Narakan combines the strategic gameplay of turn-based games like chess and tactics games with world exploration and puzzle-solving elements from retro adventure games to deliver a distinct dungeon-crawler-type game for your phone. Aided by a narrative told in a darkly poetic, gruesome prose discovered in fragments, the clean, minimalist style and dark ambient mood of the game, expressed in every detail, from the art to the music, make the game a unique, compelling, immersive, intuitive, and engrossing experience for fans of the adventure/strategy, RPG, roguelike, and tactics genres.


- Story Mode: Follow this dire tale, beckoned along by a mysterious child, as you piece together the fragments of your painful memories and discover yourself and your relationship to this dark forest, this place of burning foes, living stones, and one fleeting child, endlessly calling you from the black.

- Endless Mode: True mobile arcade style, you can duke it out with all manner of creatures, wave after wave, area past area, as far as you can survive the horrors of the dark forest. Check out your Achievements, and try to beat your previous best!

- Hand-crafted maps: Each world map serves a purpose, optimized for gameplay, storytelling, and teaching game mechanics in the most intuitive and unobtrusive manner possible.

- Unique art style: Boasting a distinct, geometric, retro, art style, developed specifically for the game, like pixel art that uses diamond-shaped pixels, the entire tile-set, from world to characters, to icons, and VFX has been designed and hand-crafted for a stylish and cohesive look and feel.

- Inventory Items: Over 40 unique weapons and spells to find! Each has a story to tell, pieces of your past. Find the spell and weapon combinations that suit your style of play, with choices ranging from Short Sword to Pole Axe and powerful elemental spells of fire, ice, lightning, and earth, many strategic combinations are possible.

- Varied Enemy Types: Encounter over 10 different enemy types, learn their patterns, study their movement, and choose your tactics carefully, and you just might survive the dread wood’s denizens! The things these hateful creatures will do once you are felled would chill the blood of knights braver than you’ve ever been.

- Boss Fights: ‘Nuff said!

INTO THE DARK : Narakan is made by ORC PUNK, a small indie studio in Brooklyn, NY. It's our first game, and we've put a lot of time and love into making it, and are very proud of what we've achieved. We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear what you think!


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What's New in Version Into The Dark : Narakan 1.99.1

TONS of bug-fixes, balancing, and polish. I keep saying this with each update, but this feels like a new game in many ways. We're ramping up for a bigger update, but there's enough in this update to give you a taste of what's to come!

- Fixed a bug that caused some users' progress data to be erased.
- Fixed a bug that caused the last boss to keep spawning waves of enemies.
- Fixed a bug where weapon highlights wouldn't show up over enemies sometimes.
- Added enemy HP and health bars.
- Made ENDLESS mode more roguelike; you get one-shot to see how far you can go before... you die! Also added stats at the end of each run, so you can see how you did. We'll be adding more to this mode, so do let us know what kind of stats you'd like to see and what other features we could add to it to make it more fun to replay.
- Added new "enemy vulnerable" animations: when an enemy is vulnerable to your attack, it now plays a unique animation to convey that state.
- Weapon balancing: weapon patterns have been redesigned to be more balanced, and are now separated into 3 tiers: Infantry (max 8 attack squares), Esquire (max 16 attack squares), Knight (max 20 attack squares)
- Spell effect SFX
- Rune UI polish! The rune UI looks WAY better, is much more intuitive and clear, as well as much more aesthetically pleasing. Let us know what you think!
- Map rebalancing; each map has been revisited and optimized for fun!
- New maps in ENDLESS; we added a bunch more hand-made maps to that mode too!

There's tons more stuff in there too, and it's all thanks to you, our players, and your feedback, so please, keep it coming, we love to hear from you, about what you love, what you hate, and what more you'd like to see. Thank you.

Screenshots of Into The Dark : Narakan

  • Into The Dark : Narakan
  • Into The Dark : Narakan
  • Into The Dark : Narakan
  • Into The Dark : Narakan
  • Into The Dark : Narakan
  • Into The Dark : Narakan
  • Into The Dark : Narakan
  • Into The Dark : Narakan
  • Into The Dark : Narakan
  • Into The Dark : Narakan
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Into The Dark : Narakan
  • Devices:iPhone iPad
  • Category: Games
  • Size:207.0M
  • Updated:2019-01-12
  • Version:V1.99.1
  • OS Require:iOS 4.3 or higher
  • Download:Download

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