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Sharpen your sword and join the fray in IRONBOUND, the turn-based multiplay...

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Description of Ironbound

Sharpen your sword and join the fray in IRONBOUND, the turn-based multiplayer strategy game where you use your wits to prevail in fast-paced duel matches.

Online games last between 5 and 10 minutes and reward strategic thinking as well as quick tactical decisions. Familiar gameplay makes Ironbound easy to pick up, while rich character customization options give you plenty of opportunities to refine your play style and surprise your opponents.

Choose the hero that matches your style: the aggressive Berserker, the resilient Crusader, the stealthy Assassin or the cunning Witch. Use the gold you gain by playing to upgrade your character and buy better equipment.

With hundreds of weapons, shields and magic trinkets to choose from, there are countless tactics to devise and master in the race to outsmart the other players and rise to the top of the multiplayer ladder.

The Arena is a separate game mode where players fight using one of 12 predefined item sets, ensuring an even playing field regardless of the performance or time spent in ladder games.

Use a single account to play on all your devices. Cross-platform multiplayer is fully supported.

What's New in Version Ironbound 1.143.0

The Pirate class has landed! Our first new class since the game was launched, Pirate adds new strategies, new bots, an abundance of sea-worthy trinkets.

Additional notes:
· Arena rewards for real currency increased.
· Server stability improvements.
· Description texts, for all items and tokens improvements.
· General UI tweaks.
· New store items, bundles for the Pirate.
· Added new Pirate bots, from 100 to 3100 rating.
· Added a class-only sort filter in the inventory and shop.
· Fixed a bug regarding Wanderer items stacking.
· Fixed a bug regarding Shard of Second Chance. Now, you draw back to your hand only the tokens you played.
· Fixed a bug regarding Radiant Relic. Now, it should proc accordingly.
· Assassin's Disarm token cost 3 AP while in stealth, down from 5 AP.

Screenshots of Ironbound

  • Ironbound
  • Ironbound
  • Ironbound
  • Ironbound
  • Ironbound
  • Ironbound
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