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iXWords+ offers cruciverbists, in general, and fans of boxed words and code...

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Description of iXWords+

iXWords+ offers cruciverbists, in general, and fans of boxed words and coded words, in particular, the possibility to practice very freely, in any place and at any time, their activity of predilection, while working to complete with success the games of a library of 5000 grids offered to their sagacity.

This initial library includes sixteen series of 500 original and exclusive grids, two series for each of the five languages of the game covered: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese.

iXWords+ offers four types of games:

- cased grids of 10x10 squares counting, on average, 11% of black squares;
- codeword grids of 10x10 squares counting, on average, 11% of black squares;
- cased grids of 6x6 boxes without black boxes (perfect case words);
- codeword grids of 6x6 squares without black squares (perfect codewords);

Several levels of play are offered, from "rule discovery" mode to "unassisted" mode via the "placement aid" mode. Options are available to adapt to best, the game configuration to the tastes of each (e): score and play against the clock, background music, accompanying accompaniment of movements played, ...

The gaming library will be able, for the most demanding, to be extended on demand, by acquisition, via InApp Purchase, new series of 500 unpublished grids, regularly published to satisfy, at best, all expectations.

All series of grids downloaded by way of InApp Purchase remain permanently acquired to the player. Their use leads to the automatic hiding of promotional ads usually accompanying the display of games included in the initial library.

Whenever the last grid of a given type (language and format) available in iXWords+ has been played, the player who has not already pre-ordered the next series is invited to acquire it. Otherwise, he can continue to play starting from the first of the grids he already holds, or even by changing his game preferences to switch to another language category and/or grid size.

In order to be able to respond as favorably as possible to the expectations of the most active iXWorders, it is planned to regularly extend the spectrum of the iXWords+ library to new game categories (support for new languages, types and grid formats).

Good luck to all of you!

Screenshots of iXWords+

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  • iXWords+
  • iXWords+
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