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It’s time to use your memory ability to find a way to solve the puzzle. ...

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Description of Memopoly

It’s time to use your memory ability to find a way to solve the puzzle.

The rule is easy, just tap on the colors of the right-side 3D object and focus on the place of that color in the left-side pattern. You will need your concentration and memory to recognize the right place of each color. Then you should tap the colors one by one respectively and quickly.
Actually, It’s you that create the 3D object step by step by solving each pattern.

That’s it!

You’ll surely love this game once you find out how it’s work ;)

Relaxed and enjoy the Memopoly ...

Key features:
- Free to play
- Suitable for all ages
- Easy to learn. You’ll just need a little concentration.
- Every level has it own graphic and animation. You can unlock the levels manually and enjoy them.
- Relaxing gameplay, music and sfx.
- Artistically designed.

What's New in Version Memopoly 1.0.3

- Enjoy 5 New Levels, Called "Summer Pack"
- Improve iPhoneX Support

Screenshots of Memopoly

  • Memopoly
  • Memopoly
  • Memopoly
  • Memopoly
  • Memopoly
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