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**The first mindfulness and meditation app exclusively for athletes and coa...

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Description of MindSport

**The first mindfulness and meditation app exclusively for athletes and coaches**

Welcome to MindSport, the app that provides you with a mindful athletic advantage.

What all does MindSport do for you?

As an Athlete:
- Improve your performance both physically and mentally.
- Learn mindfulness and meditation techniques so you can remain present in your performance, feel better throughout your day, and sleep better at night.
- Avoid all those annoying distractions that try and take away from you being at your best.
- Visualize your success on the court, and learn to see it before it happens.
- Reduce frustration, stress, and anxiety that can go along with performing at a high level.
- Share fun and exciting sessions with your friends, and teammates.

As a Coach:
- Improve your performance as a coach by learning to reset your mind before practice or competitions.
- Learn mindfulness and meditation techniques allowing you to remain present in your performance, and not let past mistakes or frustrations control you as a coach.
- Teach your team important team-building exercises through our powerful Team series.
- Reduce the stress, anxiety, and frustrations that can so often bother, and even control you as a coach
- Gather your team together before the big game, or competition, and listen to a motivational session as a team.

Get access to our free and powerful Starting Five series by simply downloading the MindSport app right now. From there we’ll help you to learn and implement the fundamental pieces of meditation and mindfulness in athletics, showing you how they will improve your athletic performance, how to implement those strategies as an individual, before finally providing you specifics on how you will gain an athletic advantage over your competition.

Sessions within our Starting Five series include:
- Welcome
- The Storm
- Motivation
- Breathe
- The Battle

With our free Starting Five series, not only will you learn the basics of mindfulness and meditation in and around your performance, you’ll also learn about how the use of our app will make you more athletic, reduce your stress and anxiety, and even help your memory and attention span so you can perform at a higher level.

MindSport in the first app to exclusively focus on providing athletes, coaches, and executives a competitive athletic advantage through the power of mindfulness and meditation practices.

After you finish our Starting Five series, we will have a number of additional sessions, and series, that are available right now that dive deeper into the topics that we have already touched on, as well as other new and exciting topics relating specifically to your sport. Some of the additional series include topics such as Mediation, the Team, Frustration, Sleep, Visualization and Breathing, Body Scans, and many more.

Athletes, coaches, and executives are always looking for an athletic advantage over their competition. Well, look no further than MindSport.

Download our free app today!

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Terms and Conditions:
Privacy Policy:

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If you purchase a monthly or annual subscription to MindSport, your purchase will auto-renew, but you can cancel at any time from your App Store account settings. Payment will be charged at time of purchase for the first subscription period. Cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period to keep the subscription from auto-renewing.

What's New in Version MindSport 1.1

A powerful new series exclusively for athletes that includes:
- Awakening the Athlete Inside of You
- Staying Woke
- A Post Workout Meditation
- Failing Forward
- Sleep Meditation

New and improved background music for all your meditation sessions

User profiles allowing you to track your progress within the app and share the app with others

Series and sessions adjustments making the app even more powerful and user-friendly for you the athlete

A subscription model unlocking over 200 minutes of new and improved content that has been added to the amazing audio library

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