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Three games, a lot to learn. Music as signs, colors and numbers. Click M ...

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Description of MusicMontessori

Three games, a lot to learn. Music as signs, colors and numbers.

Click M

Learning to read and hear musical notes by following the fundamental principles of the Montessori Method: development of the senses, error control, autonomous repetition of the activity.

BELLS: 2 listening activities

-Match the same sounds: if the match is correct, the 2 bells will light up
-Place the sounds in a growing sequence (C major scale): if correct, all the bells will light up

STAVE: 7 sounds = 7 numbers

Reading notes on the stave is simply placing them in order from 1 to 7. The note on the first line corresponds to number 1 in the fourth space.

-Choose the note you prefer as number 1 and place the other ones in the right order
-Every sequence corresponds to a musical key; if correct, the corresponding key will appear

SIGNS: 2 activities

-Match the musical signs to the corresponding name

-Click on the sign in order to make its time value appear and observe the ratios and equal parts in the fractions

Screenshots of MusicMontessori

  • MusicMontessori
  • MusicMontessori
  • MusicMontessori
  • MusicMontessori
  • MusicMontessori
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