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OBD Car Scanner Pro

OBD Car Scanner Pro

OBD Car Scanner Pro – the best program to diagnose your car! OBSERVE THE...

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Description of OBD Car Scanner Pro

OBD Car Scanner Pro – the best program to diagnose your car!

◆ Read and discard errors. The app includes an extensive database of detailed error transcripts!
◆ The app supports all cars compatible with the OBD2 standard.
◆ Watch all sensors on one screen.

◆ 50,000+ Diagnostic Trouble Codes and Info!
◆ 300+ Dashboars Warning Lights and Symbols!
◆ 300+ Automotive Terms!
◆ Over 150+ Supported PIDs!
◆ Translation all texts into 100+ Languages!
◆ Checks all types of errors in three groups (Confirmed, Pending, Permanent)!

◆ Trouble
◆ Technical notes
◆ Possible causes
◆ When is the code detected?
◆ Possible symptoms
◆ Description trouble

◆ Read and clear DTC and your Check Engine Light (MIL)
◆ Real-time dashboard display with customizable gauges
◆ Display battery voltage
◆ Displays vehicle information including VIN
◆ Favorites, Search, Filters
◆ Imperial and Metric Units
◆ Automotive Glossary
◆ Sort and Random Symbols
◆ Home Screen Actions
◆ Copy, Share, Send Text
◆ Translation into 100+ Languages
◆ 36 Colorful Stickers for iMessage

◆ Get car VIN through OBD-2
◆ Enter the 17-characters VIN
◆ Scan VIN barcode with Camera
◆ Full Detailed Info about Car
◆ Personal VIN Query History
◆ iCloud Query History Sync
◆ 10 Real VIN Examples
◆ Save and Delete VIN

◆ iOS 9 - iOS 12
◆ LED Screen iPhone (perfect dark theme)
◆ iPhone X, Xs, Xr, Xs Max
◆ Support Taptic Engine
◆ Pick and Pop (3D Touch)

◆ Monitor status since DTCs cleared
◆ Freeze Frame Status
◆ Fuel System Status
◆ Calculated Engine Load Value
◆ Engine Coolant Temperature
◆ Short term fuel trim: Bank 1-2
◆ Long term fuel trim: Bank 1-2
◆ Fuel Pressure
◆ Intake Manifold Pressure
◆ Engine RPM
◆ Vehicle Speed
◆ Timing Advance
◆ Intake Air Temperature
◆ Mass Air Flow
◆ Throttle Position
◆ Secondary Air Status
◆ Oxygen Sensors Present
◆ Oxygen Voltage: Bank 1-2, Sensor 1-4
◆ OBD standards to which this vehicle conforms
◆ Oxygen Sensors Present
◆ Run Time Since Engine Start
◆ Distance traveled with malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) on
◆ Fuel Rail Pressure (Manifold Vacuum)
◆ Fuel Rail Pressure (Diesel)
◆ Commanded EGR
◆ EGR Error
◆ Commanded Evaporative Purge
◆ Fuel Level Input
◆ Number of Warm-Ups Since Codes Cleared
◆ Distance Traveled Since Codes Cleared, Cleared Traveled
◆ Evaporative System Vapor Pressure
◆ Barometric Pressure
◆ Equivalence Ratio: O2S1, O2S, O2S3, O2S4, O2S5, O2S6, O2S7, O2S8
◆ Catalyst Temperature: Bank 1-2, Sensor 1-2
◆ Monitor status this drive cycle
◆ Control Module Voltage
◆ Absolute Load Value
◆ Command Equivalence Ratio
◆ Relative Throttle Position
◆ Ambient Air Temperature
◆ Absolute Throttle Position B,C,D,E,F
◆ Commanded Throttle Actuator
◆ Time Run With MIL On
◆ Time Since Trouble Codes Cleared
◆ Ethanol Fuel %
◆ Hybrid battery pack remaining life
◆ Engine Oil Temperature
◆ Engine Fuel Rate
◆ Engine Percent Torque Data
◆ and more...

◆ The list of displayed parameters is different for each car and is 100% dependent not on the app, but on the vehicle control unit.
◆ The current version of the app only supports OBD2 Wi-Fi adapters based on the ELM327 chip.

◆ Some adapters, often made in China, do not connect to a smartphone or to a car. This mainly happens with the ELM327 CHEAP Adapters version 2.1
◆ We recommend the purchase of original ELM327 adapters or the purchase of branded adapters not cheaper than $10.

◆ Siri Shortcuts
◆ More Sensors
◆ iCloud Sync
◆ Today Widget
◆ Bluetooth LE Support
◆ More Car VIN Info
◆ Diagnostics Info
◆ Auto Repair Advice
◆ Native iPad version
◆ Apple Watch version
◆ Costomise Dashboards
◆ Advanced Diagnostics
◆ More Sensors Graphs
◆ Auto Parts Catalog
◆ Accessories Catalog
◆ More Colorful Themes


What's New in Version OBD Car Scanner Pro 2.0

Fixed German interface localization (All texts are available for translation within the app into any language.)

Screenshots of OBD Car Scanner Pro

  • OBD Car Scanner Pro
  • OBD Car Scanner Pro
  • OBD Car Scanner Pro
  • OBD Car Scanner Pro
  • OBD Car Scanner Pro
  • OBD Car Scanner Pro
  • OBD Car Scanner Pro
  • OBD Car Scanner Pro
  • OBD Car Scanner Pro
  • OBD Car Scanner Pro
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OBD Car Scanner Pro
  • Devices:iPhone iPad
  • Category: Utilities
  • Size:174.2M
  • Updated:2018-12-03
  • Version:V2.0
  • OS Require:iOS 4.3 or higher
  • Download:Download

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