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Racing Heroes

Racing Heroes

Did not you do what you want to do with your car in the traffic? Do you wan...

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Description of Racing Heroes

Did not you do what you want to do with your car in the traffic? Do you want unlimited freedom in traffic? Do car racing games attract you? With traffic racing game overtake vehicles in traffic. The newest and most beautiful traffic racing game offers you the perfect opportunity to drive.
Here's where you'll find everything you're looking for! The car game has 4 fun modes: task mode, infinite mode, time mode and free mode. We wanted you to determine the traffic intensity in free mode. Use the car in the morning, evening and night. Whether you want one-way, if you want two-way traffic overtake cars.
For those who love car games, the best cars are waiting for you to get the garage out of the way. Use racing cars using Ferrari, mercedes, lamborghini, bmw, mustang and other similar sports cars. The variety of car models is which you like. Improve your driving skills by driving in a traffic race and using driving simulations.
Make a distinction between this game and the car games. You do not have to wait if you want to play different car games. Had this great car game download. Start playing the car game for free game seekers, motor ambassadors, those who want to speed up, those who want to enjoy fast driving, those who want to throw scissors in traffic, those who want to do extreme racing.

Quests: Raise your boundaries with car racing and improve your driving experience by performing different tasks. In realistic traffic environment, perform tasks under high graphics, grab the bonus. You come in every day and you are a daily bonus car.

Camera Angle: You can use your car with 4 different camera angles: top, back, cockpit or hood. The car cockpit was built on high graphics and realism. The steering of your car follows your movement. The pointer increases and decreases according to your speed.

Controls: Enjoy the game with the easiest and clearest control options. Adjust the steering sensitivity. See where the control is. Use it so soft or hard how you like it.

Vehicle Physics: Vehicles have real physical laws. The driving experience with realistic torque, gear and power ratios provides top level simulation. Improve your car to win the car and play the car race. Create quick cars to get rid of your need for higher adrenalin.

Cars: Modified cars are ready in the garage, but if you want to change the color of all parts of your car with high detail graphics. The car game gives you the ability to redesign your car. Change wheels, spoilers. Redefine the speed by improving your car's acceleration, handling, control, braking and nitrous (N2O). Get high performance by modifying your vehicle, changing rims, tires, spoilers and nitrous. The vehicles are designed for 3d car game. Whether you use sports cars or classic cars.

Game mode: You can play the game at a certain time of day, day, evening or even day. Increase your fun with Task mode and reach Checkpoints, do not be entertained with infinite mode, challenge your boundaries with time versus mode, improve your driving skills with free mode. Overtake trucks, police cars, taxis, minibuses, buses and similar vehicles in the traffic. Make an adrenaline ceiling in two-way traffic. Draw zigzag in one direction.

Language Support: We offered you almost all languages. We even offered you the opportunity to help us improve our language options.

Maps: Have fun in forest, city, desert, snowy weather maps

What's New in Version Racing Heroes 230

Racing Heroes Version 230
Bug Fixes

Screenshots of Racing Heroes

  • Racing Heroes
  • Racing Heroes
  • Racing Heroes
  • Racing Heroes
  • Racing Heroes
  • Racing Heroes
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Racing Heroes
  • Devices:iPhone iPad
  • Category: Games
  • Size:214.9M
  • Updated:2019-02-26
  • Version:V230
  • OS Require:iOS 4.3 or higher
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