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With over 1100 isotopes, the following can be done: 1. Calculating the deca...

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Description of RadSafePro

With over 1100 isotopes, the following can be done:
1. Calculating the decayed activity with different units (mCi or Bq).
2. See the decay chart:
- In the chart, it is easy to find out all decay points by simply tapping on the graph.
- The graph can be redrawn with the desired activity (input) and units.
- Snapshot can be taken and saved to camera-roll directly.
3. Estimating the dose rate from each isotope (as a point source only and < 2 MV) at different distances with (mCi or MBq) and (meter or feet) units. Optionally, shielding can be incorporated in the calculations as well.
4. Inverse Square Law is introduced.
5. Look up for detailed information through wikipedia.
To simply deal with such huge list of isotopes, all isotopes tables are equipped with reliable search engines to filter for the wanted isotope.
With a user friendly radiation units convertor, it is easy to convert between radiation units like exposure, absorbed and equivalent doses.
For more convenience a calculator keyboard was adopted to replace the normal keyboard in order to complete simple mathematical operations
The App is built with tap gesture (swipe right) ability to get back to the previous pages.

What's New in Version RadSafePro V 2.2

Fix for cGy error in units conversion tab.

Screenshots of RadSafePro

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