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Rainbow Planet

Rainbow Planet

Which planets do you want to live? The earth or The Rainbow Planet? The R...

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Description of Rainbow Planet

Which planets do you want to live?

The earth or The Rainbow Planet?

The Rainbow Planet is living only LGBTQ people.

The planet was full of positive feelings, but it has changed...

Would you tell me your name?

You can help the planet turn into a magic spell!!

The planet needs your help!


Bob, 15 years old, was bullying his classmates about

his sexuality. And he determined to live in the rainbow planet.

His family not agree with him, but he's going to go there.

When he arrived the planet, it was strange...the planet was

full of negative feelings. Because, some people on the planet

was not agree with their plan like Bob. So, they usually felt

sorry to their friends and family somewhere in their heart.

That feeling was increased and finally created many monsters

in the planet.

Bob and his fellows Adam, he is a transgender, Michell,

she is a lesbian, Bella, she is a bisexual, are fight against

the monsters!!

- What is the Rainbow Planet?

It is living only LGBTQ people. The time is you can choose

either the planets 'The Earth' or 'The Rainbow Planet'.

The Rainbow Planet has six towns.(Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow,Orange, Red).

Each of the towns has characteristic. Purple town is living

many wizards and people who learn some magic spells.

Blue town is floating town in the sky and living many

mechanics who make an airplanes. Green town is a lot of greenery.

Orange town is a commercial town. Red town has a big

factory and the 'secrete research' to Yellow town.

- Tell me your idea about story, monsters, etc.
We can re-write story or something.

And please tell me your name from our SNS!

We can make a magic spell with your name!

Screenshots of Rainbow Planet

  • Rainbow Planet
  • Rainbow Planet
  • Rainbow Planet
  • Rainbow Planet
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Rainbow Planet
  • Devices:iPhone iPad
  • Category: Games
  • Size:130.6M
  • Updated:2018-09-30
  • Version:V1.1
  • OS Require:iOS 4.3 or higher
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