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Remeasure (Male)

Remeasure (Male)

Have you put on / lost unwanted weight without realising? Do you have body ...

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Description of Remeasure (Male)

Have you put on / lost unwanted weight without realising? Do you have body goals?
Are you keen on bodybuilding? Trying to shape a specific part of your body?
Do you care about your body measurements for professional reasons?
Are you preparing for a competition? Are you growing and want to know how much?
Look no further: if your answer is yes to any of these questions,
Remeasure is designed for you! It helps you track changes in your body measurements and attain your goals.

• Measures are displayed on a body silhouette, so you can review all the measurements of a day in place on a single screen
• The calendar highlights entry days by underlining them, so you can return to the days with measurements
• Page swipes enable you to view changes over time even for non-consecutive days

Interactive, zoomable, shareable graphs just a double tap away for each measure, indicating start, target (if set) and trends. Pick a time span to focus: one month, three months, one year

• 28 standard measures are visually presented on the body silhouette, enabling you to enter your data in any order
• 12 custom measures with flexible unit type (length or mass). Name them, order them as you like. They are listed under the body silhouette for easy access
• Set targets for any measure you want to focus on
• Activate / deactivate any measure whenever you want
• Record your feelings, activities, thoughts daily
• Enter small and large numbers using the swipe-able dual-level input facility
• Pick your choice of unit: metric or imperial

• Your Body Frame, Body Mass Index, Waist to Height Ratio and Waist to Hip Ratio are automatically calculated based on your inputs.
• The result of each calculation is shown in a bar indicating the risk ratios, so you can see the risky areas and take caution
• To understand the calculators, read the short articles we put together for each, based on research

Plan your regular measurement taking, with flexible day and time options

• Two ways of importing your existing data:
1. add new data only (append)
2. add new and override old data (merge)
• The app validates data entries and creates an import report to inform you of any problems
• The data export facility allows you to back up your data as often as you need anywhere you want, including iCloud drive, if enabled on your device
• The data reset function wipes your data from the device in case you are giving your phone away

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***** Love the customization! - Very easy to use app. Allows user to have way more measurements than other apps and also allows for up to 12 custom measurements outside the normal presets. I like that you are also able to export your measurements too. Tebador, USA

***** It keeps stats, graphs, BMI, waist to hip ratio, risk of heart disease and much more. The tape measure is great because it allows you to insert your accurate sizes. Definitely give this app a try. The customer service is awesome! - Hypersonic Vegan, USA

***** Love this app - Great app. You can easily monitor your progress over the time.. highly recommended. - AE, UK


***** Outstanding app - Remeasure is a fantastic app for keeping track of measurements while losing weight. It has a simple and elegant design that is easy to use. Support is extremely helpful and very responsive. A++ - AilisIon0909, USA

***** Great Asset for your fitness journey - Incorporating Remeasure into my fitness tracking routine has given me that extra boost I need to stay motivated. App is easy to use, support is extremely helpful and respond quickly. - tbrathwaite, USA

***** Great App - I was looking for an app to track measurements in, and this was it! It charts my progress so I can see it, even if I don’t feel like I lost anything. It not only tracks my measurements, but congratulates me when I reach my goals. - FlavorMonster, USA

What's New in Version Remeasure (Male) 1.7

• Length and mass unit configurations are added to the menu
• Interface help updated
• Third-party software is updated

Screenshots of Remeasure (Male)

  • Remeasure (Male)
  • Remeasure (Male)
  • Remeasure (Male)
  • Remeasure (Male)
  • Remeasure (Male)
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Remeasure (Male)
  • Devices:iPhone iPad
  • Category: Health
  • Size:63.6M
  • Updated:2018-09-10
  • Version:V1.7
  • OS Require:iOS 4.3 or higher
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