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tcSpeeds enhances your cockpit instrumentation for sailing, power boating, ...

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Description of tcSpeeds

tcSpeeds enhances your cockpit instrumentation for sailing, power boating, cruising, kayaking, paddle-boarding, driving, or flying airplanes recreationally or professionally.

tcSpeeds provides advanced knowledge of your current speed, average speeds, maximum speed, directional speeds, and much more. In addition, you will be able to measure your performance on a straight course with our proprietary Pilot Performance Index (PPI) computation. Compare how good you are at the controls with your friends or against your autopilot.

tcSpeeds stands on its own and does not require external hardware or connections to operate. tcSpeeds uses your device's own internal GPS, accelerometers, and compass.

Easy to use and conceived to minimize operational burden on the user, because we know you have other things to do. Zero setup required: install, launch and tap the start button.

Designed for iPhones, and GPS-equipped iPads.

- Speed indicator with color-scaled plot
- Directional speed vectors panel with automatic polar graph
- Maximum speed keeping
- Maximum speed audio and visual alarms
- Trip distance recording
- Accurate sub-second timer
- GPS status with location accuracy indication
- Boxed average speed by timed interval: 10-sec 1-min 10-min 1-hour
- Pilot Performance Index (PPI) calculation, measurement, and guide
- Target course indicator with automatic and manual fine tuning
- Headings, bearings and directional indicators (magnetic/true)
- Precise real-time cross track reporting
- Course, Compass and proprietary C-Course heading selector
- Rapid units selection: metric, nautical and imperial
- Situational (non-navigational) map with color-coded speed track
- Map display with target course and Look-Ahead-Vector (LAV)
- Time and distance to autoscaled LAV endpoint
- Velocity Made Good (VMG) relative to target course
- Magnetic compass and Course Over Ground (COG) integrated panel
- Crab angle and local magnetic declination
- High display contrast selector

What's New in Version tcSpeeds 1.1

- A few minor bug fixes
- Price cut from $6.99 to $0
- Addition of in-app purchase for advanced performance features: PPI, VMG, Target Course and Cross Track guide.

Screenshots of tcSpeeds

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  • tcSpeeds
  • tcSpeeds
  • tcSpeeds
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