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This is a sequel to the Touche German app. Please have the basic knowledge...

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Description of ToucheGerman1

This is a sequel to the Touche German app. Please have the basic knowledge of German, as this is an advanced German app.
Please Note:
1. Touching on the corners of the app will bring the menu options. (During the launch of the app, we have provided this , via alert)
2. Third button is the audio button which includes list of audios.
3. Michel Learning is via audio, no text book and no drills via memorization.
4.The Michel Audio for german is clearly written as 'Michel German Audio Begins'.
5.The list of german audio's are sequential , building upon the previous knowledge through its two students as the learning device, who themselves are without any textbooks or any prior knowledge of german. Their interactive audio conversation is recorded and in the audio.
6. Michel says "to be relaxed and sit comfortably" in the audio. I want the soothing music , as the mediator for the users to become relaxed.
7. The user can begin from where they left in the audio, and as the audio are sequential , built upon the previous knowledge , I see the users to learn german, hearing from the interactive audio's , where he / she can themselves participate in the interaction.
For know-how who is Michel and what is his method, please visit this link
Learning a new language can be painful, but not any more. Learn German , the Michel way of learning german with Audio. No textbook, no memorisation, and yes with no previous knowledge of German. Tried and tested formula of learning a language which has taught millions of users German.
Let the romantic language be taught in a romantic way, is the essence of this app, liked and loved by millions.
Learn German with no rote memorisation with Michel Thomas, the most innovative way of learning German.

Press reviews for Michel Thomas Language Courses
The Times
‘the nearest thing to painless learning’

The Daily Telegraph
‘works like a dream’

Sunday Business
‘...ideal for any business traveler who needs to be able to get around confidently’

Time Out
‘...five minutes into the first CD, you already feel like you’re winning’

‘Hugely inspiring’

Daily Star
‘Michel’s methods will teach you effectively and easily’
The Daily Telegraph
‘a great way to learn; it’s fast and it lasts’

Screenshots of ToucheGerman1

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  • ToucheGerman1
  • ToucheGerman1
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