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Vocal Painting

Vocal Painting

Vocal Painting (VOPA) is an extensive collection of interactive hand signal...

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Description of Vocal Painting

Vocal Painting (VOPA) is an extensive collection of interactive hand signals developed by professor Jim Daus Hjernøe from Denmark. In VOPA it has become a new language for vocal art, used to complement conventional conducting techniques of choral music, currently consisting of 75 signals and more are in the making. The signals are easy to understand and the conductor can use them to adjust the musical expression within every desired musical parameter. Through the development of VOPA, as a pedagogical tool and an artistic methodology, the signals have shown to be surprisingly effective as an easy and fast way to create “music of the moment” with singers of all levels, from audience participation to the highest professional level of vocal arts.

What's New in Version Vocal Painting 1.0.3

This update enables video sound via the iphone/ipad speakers - even with the "silent" button turned on.
This was a request from users who thought their phones were broken because the videos seemed to have no sound.
The "silent" button should not always silence the phone completely.
Sometimes we need to hear certain things and not other.

Screenshots of Vocal Painting

  • Vocal Painting
  • Vocal Painting
  • Vocal Painting
  • Vocal Painting
  • Vocal Painting
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Vocal Painting
  • Devices:iPhone iPad
  • Category: Music
  • Size:37.1M
  • Updated:2018-11-07
  • Version:V1.0.3
  • OS Require:iOS 4.3 or higher
  • Download:Download

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