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FOR THE BRIDGE MASTER Becoming frustrated with partner, and their bidding,...

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Description of WiZBridge+


Becoming frustrated with partner, and their bidding, is a fundamental aspect of playing Bridge (some actually seem to enjoy this!)

This frustration is multiplied tenfold in computer Bridge, when ‘partner’ is an inanimate AI Robot, who will not take any notice of your frowns and shouts, and with whom you cannot discuss matters over a drink. WiZBridge+ eliminates all this frustration, by …eliminating ‘partner’!

Loosely based on the established teaching game Mini Bridge,(with many improvements and innovations) ALL BIDDING IS DEFUNCT! Each player (starting with dealer) announces their HCP count, and the player with the highest count, from the partnership with the highest total, becomes the declarer. At this point, his partner becomes ‘dummy’ and tables his hand for all to see. Declarer now decides on the Trump suit, and the number of tricks that he’ll make. As this is a computer game, you’ll be making the decision and playing the cards whenever your side becomes declarers.

Does that sound easy … It’s not! Because while you’re deciding on trumps, and playing the cards, Robot is doing exactly the same thing behind the scenes. The aim of the game is to beat Robot in a ‘head-to-head’ game of Duplicate. Robot is an internationally acclaimed AI, so you’ve got to be on your toes to get one over on him. Try it … you’ll be amazed how challenging and rewarding it is. Then there’s also the added ‘spice’ of playing Duplicate against other users (read all about it below)


You’re learning this game, and it’s soooooo frustrating, especially the bidding. Wouldn’t it be nice to ditch this frustration and concentrate on the fun part – the actual card play. With WiZBridge+, you can have hours of fun simply playing contracts, while at the same time learning from Robot the best line of play, and indeed in deciding what the contract should be. An invaluable tool for anyone who’s on the long and sometimes arduous road of improving, or merely starting to learn Bridge.


Your loved one has been nagging for ages for you to learn Bridge, or you’ve simply heard of it and fancy having a go. But wow … you’ve looked into it … and boy oh boy is it complicated. THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE!!! WiZBridge+ can take anyone who knows there are 52 cards in a deck , and within minutes have them enjoying the cerebral challenges that playing Bridge brings. It’s FREE to download, and you’ll be hooked and ‘sold’ on the game well before you’ve used the 200+ free hands.

The app is packed with documents, Help files and Info buttons to guide and teach you along the way. You’ll soon be progressing through the 4 levels, each level introduces more Bridge related complexity and strategy.


While It’s great beating a Robot, it’s a different level of thrill entirely when you beat your peers. WiZBridge+ has 24/7 Duplicate competitions, where you’ll be competing with other players who’ve been given exactly the same hands, and who’ll also be trying to beat Robot on their own devices. Duplicate is available at the top two levels of WiZBridge+. Although there are no prizes, the real and meaningful prize is to watch your Statistics and averages improve over time.


We Bridge players love our statistics, and in WiZBridge+ they’re in abundance. There are statistics at every level, where you can monitor your progress. In Duplicate there is also a Ranking system, so you can see the relative ‘quality’ of opponents in your competition.


We do not want one penny, cent or kopek before you are fully satisfied that WiZBridge+ is the app for you. For this reason we give everyone hundreds of free hands to try out and evaluate the app (100 when you download, an additional 100 when you register, and 80 free hands at each level of Duplicate) Thereafter there are in-app purchases of hands, ranging from US$0.99 to $6.99 for 1000 hands.

What's New in Version WiZBridge+ 1.2.5

Enhancements and bug fixes

Screenshots of WiZBridge+

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