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World Fitness by Cassie

World Fitness by Cassie

World Fitness by Cassie provides you with all of the tools you need to make...

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Description of World Fitness by Cassie

World Fitness by Cassie provides you with all of the tools you need to make working out while traveling as easy as possible. The app was designed by Cassie De Pecol, the first women to ever visit all 196 countries in the world, to help you stay fit no matter where you are in the world. Using her experience traveling while also maintaining a healthy exercise routine, she took her knowledge and loaded it into this app.

App Features

•••Highly detailed step-by-step workout routines•••
Each workout routine you follow in app has HD videos and clear instructions for how long you are supposed to do each exercise. Also, each routine can be performed without a gym.

•••Add an exercise reminder to your device's calendar app•••
You can add a reminder into your iPhone's calendar app so that you can get notified when you need to exercise. While traveling, having the reminder to exercise in your calendar will help you stay accountable to yourself and stay on track.

•••A free database of over 100 exercises you can do anywhere•••
Cassie has filmed over 100 videos of herself demonstrating exercises which can be performed anywhere in the world. Some exercises utilize purely your bodyweight, while others utilize common household items that can be found nearly anywhere.

•••Custom plans based on your availability and fitness level*•••
By filling out a brief survey, Cassie can help you find the perfect workout plan for while you travel. The plans are very flexible and allow you to adjust them from one week in length to eight weeks. You can also set how many days you want to workout each week. This plan is presented as soon as you launch the app, so you can easily start up a workout!

*Note: although we do provide a free "Getting Started" plan, additional plans are in-app purchases.

About Cassie De Pecol

Cassandra De Pecol (born June 23, 1989 in Connecticut, United States) is an American author, traveler, activist, and speaker best known for being the fastest person and her claim of being first documented woman to travel to every sovereign nation in the world. She officially set Guinness World Records in two categories: "Fastest time to visit all sovereign countries" and "Fastest time to visit all sovereign countries - Female". She is also known for appearing on the reality television series Naked and Afraid. In July 2018, she released her memoir; Expedition 196: The First Woman on Record to Travel Every Country in the World.

Cassie enjoys competing in Ironman and Ironman 70.3 triathlon races, along with following a healthy Keto diet - creating eclectic cuisine. She is currently in the process of obtaining her Private Pilots License before heading to Space with Virgin Galactic in the next couple of years. Oh, and she's competing in her next Guinness World Record attempt.

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  • World Fitness by Cassie
  • World Fitness by Cassie
  • World Fitness by Cassie
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World Fitness by Cassie
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  • Updated:2019-02-10
  • Version:V1.0
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